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Welcome Family and Friends to Our Bighouse by Nella Nelson
New book published in 2017
Price $21.95 CAD & USD
   ISBN 978-097367699-0.

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written by Nella Nelson and illustrated by Karin Clark

potlatch front cover
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PRINT CERTIFICATION: This print is one of a limited edition of 250, created by Jim Gilbert in 1999. It is printed using the photo lithographic process. The plates were destroyed after the printing process to guarantee that there will be no further printing. After Jimís death in 2000, the prints were titled, numbered and Jimís name printed, initialled and dated by Joan Gilbert to certify authenticity.

Part 1 of the Limited Edition set Part 2 of the Limited Edition set
Part 3 of the Limited Edition set
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Purchase this Limited Edition set This set includes both Volume 1 and Volume 2 books (first print run, signed and dated) as well as the 18 inch x 18 inch print. Cost is $200.00 Canadian ($200.00 U.S. also) + shipping/handling charge. NOTE: The print is rolled then shipped, it is not framed. The frame in the above illustration is only for visual effect.
Call us toll free at 1-877-333-0723 to purchase or for more information. E-mail: kclark@ravenpublishing.com
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Karin and Jim's collection

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Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art
by Karin Clark and Jim Gilbert

  This book contains step-step instructions and illustrations on the basics of drawing, designing, painting and carving in the Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian art style. Fifteen educationally based concepts are arranged from simple to complex, with each step building on the previous. Over 300 black and white detailed illustrations and 32 photos enhance and clarify the straightforward instructions. Durable soft cover, 160 pages.

PRICE: $24.95 Cdn. plus shipping / $24.95 US funds plus shipping
Wholesale: We are looking for retail shops, galleries and museums. Please phone us (toll free in North America.)


Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art,
Volume 1 by Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark

  This reference and instructional manual contains a detailed, thoroughly analyzed, well-supported comparison of the four Pacific Northwest First Nations art styles. There are 800 clear, detailed illustrations accompanied by straightforward copy.

  Topics include design formline, ovoids, U shapes, S shapes, heads, body parts, and design formation, as well as a step-by-step “How to Draw” section. Durable soft cover, 224 pages.

PRICE: $32.95 Cdn. plus Shipping / $32.95 US funds plus shipping
Wholesale: We are looking for retail shops, galleries and museums. Please phone us (toll free in North America.)


Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art,
Volume 2 by Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark

  This companion manual to Volume 1 puts First Nations art into deeper cultural context, providing Native Indian philosophy, knowledge and skills foundation, code of ethics, and interviews with a contemporary First Nations family, as well as some aspects of historical context and a description of the Potlatch. A full colour, 16-page creation story with 20 designs is included.

  Additional topics include: contemporary design evolution with 50 examples, 20 designs to draw and paint, and a Quick Reference Chart containing over 100 designs. Durable soft cover, 176 pages.

PRICE: $32.95 Cdn. plus Shipping / $32.95 US funds plus shipping
Wholesale: We are looking for retail shops, galleries and museums. Please phone us (toll free in North America.)

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                           ISBN 0-9692979-5-5
Four Worlds booklet cover

In the Beginning, There was the First World;
by Jim Gilbert, Ron Stacy and Wedlidi Speck.
   This 16-page booklet is included in our Learning by Designing, Volume 2 book.  It has a beautifully illustrated Pacific Northwest Coast creation story and 20 designs from the four major Native Indian art style areas.
Because of the demand, we have made this section available as a separate item.


PRICE: $10.00 US funds plus shipping
Wholesale: We are looking for retail shops, galleries and museums. Please phone us (toll free in North America.)

                           ISBN 0-9692979-7-1
Thunderbird Cross stitch


Cross Stitch Patterns Based on Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art: Book 1 Thunderbirds
  Original designs by Jim Gilbert, adapted for cross stitch by Sheron Ruffell, the first of a series of five books.
    This book contains the three full-size colour cross-stitch patterns from the West, Mid, and North Coast shown on the front cover. Patterns are full size and are approximately 37 cm x 27 cm (14" x 11") with each based on accurate, tradional designs. Also included is a First Nations area map, Aboriginal art within a cultural context, Aboriginal designs used in cross stitch explanation, illustrated cross stitch instructions.
Soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11",   36 pages.


PRICE: $19.95 Cdn. plus shipping / $19.95 US funds plus shipping
Wholesale: We are looking for retail shops, galleries and museums. Please phone us (toll free in North America.)


UPDATE: Oct 16, 2007 Our new publication "Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art: What Am I Seeing" is now available and has also been translated into German - "Die Kunst der Indianer an der pazifischen Nordwestkueste." Both books began shipping on Oct 19th. 2007.

Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art: What Am I Seeing? By Karin Clark

What Am I Seeing front cover What Am I Seeing back cover
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Illustrates ten well-known objects and nineteen crest designs from the Pacific Northwest Coast along with meanings and stories. Identifies seven main design elements along with variations. 112 colour illustrations and photos, 6.5" x 8.5" soft cover, 64 pages.
Price $14.95 CAD & $14.95 US    ISBN 978-0-9736769-4-5.

German version front cover German version back cover
Also available in German, price $14.95 CAD & USD
   ISBN 978-0-9736769-5-2.

10 Abbildungen von Bekanten Gebrauchsgegenstaenden und 19 Wappen-Zeichnungen der Pazifischen Nordwestkuesten-Indianer mit Erklaerungen zu ihren Bedeutungen und ueberlieferten Legenden. Beschreibungen von 7 traditionellen Musterteilen und ihren verschiedenen Variationen. 112 farbige Abbildungen und photos. 16.5 cm x 21.5 cm, 64 Seiten.
Preis $14.95 CAD & $14.95 US    ISBN 978-0-9736769-5-2.


  This guide book, designed to give you a glimpse of Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal art, will give you a deeper understanding and whet your appetite for learning more about today's vibrant, complex aboriginal cultures. Three sections show you where to look to identify many of the things you will see--from three-dimensional objects like bentwood boxes, ceremonial houses, masks and canoes, to crest designs, to the main design elements in Pacific Northwest Coast aboriginal art.

Price: $14.95 Cdn     $14.95 U.S.
This book is also available in French and Spanish.

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      In this limited edition print,   Raven is depicted head tilted up and wings spread.   Held in his feet are a realistic pencil and paintbrush.  In his beak, as well as in the beak on the transforming head within his body, is the symbolic ovoid or circle representing the sun or ďlight of the world.Ē
     Raven is the most powerful and important mythological figure in Pacific Northwest Coast mythology.   He is, among other things, the supernatural transformer, trickster, shaman, teacher and master artist.   Here, Raven is shown within a circle representing contained power.   Ravenís strong, solid formline design is superimposed on a crosshatched background.
     Surrounding this circle is a narrow negative area which breaks the cover page into four areas.   This symbolically defines the four areas of Ravenís world: the sky world, the land world, the sea world and the underworld.  Raven is about to take flight and break free from the circle in another attempt to make changes and restructure the world.
     Ravenís mission in the Learning by Designing books is to help expand knowledge and understanding of the two-dimensional art of the First Nations people of the Pacific Northwest Coast.  In this print, which is also the cover design of the books, a young ravenís head is emerging from Ravenís body.   Raven is recreating himself in a new form for the artistic task of making visible the spiritual and mythological.
     Both ravens hold in their beaks a symbolic starburst design unit representing artistic knowledge, which is about to be shared with the world.   Thus, Ravenís goal, like that of all good teachers, is to introduce new ideas and develop new and better ways to teach while respecting and valuing traditional culture and teachings.
      For thirty years, Jim Gilbert was an active artist working mainly in the art form of the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations.   He worked in most coastal Aboriginal art styles with artistic production ranging from original graphics, limited and open edition prints, carvings in wood, ivory, bone, and stone, to hand-engraved and sculptured jewellery pieces in silver and gold.
     Jim was raised in Brentwood Bay on Saanich Inlet.  His early fishing and hunting partners were First Nations people.   That, along with the influence of his fatherís work in Northwest Coast First Nations art, ensured Jimís affinity to the culture.   He was a versatile and award-winning artist in both traditional and contemporary styles.   Jim was trained under a traditional Kwagulth Art apprenticeship with the Hunt family of Victoria.   He worked with and for Master carver, Tony Hunt, and learned the basics from Master carver, Henry Hunt, and felt privileged to have danced at Henryís funeral potlatch.   Over the years, Jim was commissioned by a number of First Nations people to produce carvings and silver jewellery to be used for ceremonial activities.
     In this two-volume publication, Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, Volumes 1 and 2, companions for the previously published Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, Jim shares his passion and respect for the art form and passes on his own training, understanding, skill, and experience with traditional art apprenticeship methods.   His experience teaching First Nations art in Victoria schools gave him an understanding of effective methods of passing on artistic knowledge and skills.
     Jim used his artistic skills to create over fifteen hundred original illustrations for both volumes of Learning by Designing.   His qualifications as a biologist, teacher, artist and author made him uniquely suited to be involved in the production of these extensive working guides and reference books.
     Jimís continuing desire was to pass on his knowledge and appreciation for the art.  In his own words,   ďIt is important to me to pass on what I have learned and to make others aware of the value of the finest and most sophisticated art form ever developed by an aboriginal people.Ē

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