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Raven Publishing is a Canadian business specializing in researching and writing books about Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian art.   We have spent the last thirteen years researching, writing and illustrating our books.   We have over 50 years of combined experience in Native Indian education and teaching of Northwest Coast Native Indian art and we take great pride in our work.

Our first publication, Learning by Doing Northwest Coast Native Indian Art has, to date, sold over 10,000 copies and is still in print Learning By Designing coverand in demand. Our second publication, Learning by Designing Pacific Northwest Coast Native Indian Art, Vol. 1, is a book from which both the novice and the experienced reader can learn.   We feel that these two books will lead to a better understanding, appreciation and respect for, the different Northwest Coast First Nations art styles and the cultures from which the art form is inseparable.

In the books, concepts are arranged from simple to complex, and we often hear how easy it is to learn and use this art form when our methods are used.   Artists have applied the art to fashion fabric designs, weaving, embroidery, painted and carved wood, precious metal engraving, stone sculpture, pottery, ceramics, copper etching and enamel, jewelry, stained and etched glass, as well as original graphics and Volume 2 Cover prints.

Our third book, Learning by Designing Volume 2's,   first printing was Nov 2002.
This companion manual to Volume 1 puts First Nations art into deeper cultural context, providing Native Indian philosophy, knowledge and skills foundation, code of ethics, and interviews with a contemporary First Nations family, as well as some aspects fo historical context and a description of a Potlatch.   It contains a further 200 new illustrations in 176 pages.   A 16 page full colour creation story with 20 designs is included.  

Together, the three books comprise the most comprehensive look at Northwest Coast First Nations art written to date.

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